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Are you experiencing headaches, limited range of motion, chronic back pain or other types of back or neck discomfort? Come to Restore Chiropractic in Amarillo, TX to see Dr. Ebell for relief. Dr. Ebell is a local chiropractor dedicated to making you feel healthy again.

You should come to our chiropractic clinic because we:

Believe that our patients deserve the best care
Have a variety of services to relieve your pain
Offer noninvasive and drug-free alternatives for pain relief

Our team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. Choose us to be your local chiropractor in Amarillo, TX.

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We offer noninvasive treatments like laser and HIFU pain therapy for acute to chronic conditions as well as post-activity recovery. Whether you're coming in for a simple adjustment or a more complex treatment regimen, our chiropractic clinic team has the skills and resources to help restore your optimum health. Walk-ins are welcome or call 806-570-0191 to book your appointment.

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There are many reasons to consider chiropractic adjustments, and generic back pain is just the tip of the iceberg. Spinal misalignment or damage can prevent your body from healing, which increases the risk of pain, illness or even injury if ignored. Come visit us for a chiropractic adjustment today.